Customer Experience (CX)

Customer experience is the growth engine of the future

We live in a world of endless consumer options, and brand loyalty can no longer be taken for granted. Today, customer experience (CX) is the driver to success. Businesses have now recognised CX as a vital differentiator. All successful organisations are now committing significant resources to developing and improving their CX and UX strategies and delivery..

Whatever stage you are at in your businessʼs CX journey, from initial stages through to maturity, WilsonBrown CX are able to keep you informed of recent trends, departmental structures, candidate availability, and organisational transformation to ensure you are well positioned. We work across all levels and CX processes and we have access to executives and candidate/s that will meet your CX needs.

At WilsonBrown CX, we partner with you to initially understand your business. We then identify the skills you need within your team. WilsonBrown CX will find you the right people to deliver the results you are looking for. The key is knowing the professionals who have a deep understanding of how to design and facilitate organisational transformation in this new age of digital and customer focused cultures.

What is Customer Experience (CX)?

Customer experience relates to how a customer feels about their engagement with a brand and how they perceive the company values the customers relationship. It is also about a customer’s perception of how they are treated and the ease of doing business with a company.

Why is Customer Experience so important?

We now have access to almost anything at the touch of our fingertips, so customer expectations are understandably on the rise. This makes (CX) more important than ever before for building brand loyalty. By 2020, it is predicted that 86 percent of buyers will be willing to pay more for a positive customer experience.

Organisations can no longer afford to ignore the power of managing a positive customer experience. A great customer experience is a vital factor in getting the edge on competition and will keep customers coming back.

5 key shifts that first-movers undertake

WilsonBrown CX have identified 5 key shifts that first-movers undertake to become more holistically customer-driven and able to deliver the experience today’s customers expect.

  • Customer Strategy

    Reorganising around the ever-changing customer. Resetting the organisational strategy and go-to-market model around the customer to stay ahead of informed buyers and competitors.

  • Customer Process

    Integrating and digitising marketing, sales and services. Integrating and digitising functions to deliver a diversified customer experience, while reducing cost.

  • People and Change

    Transforming behaviours and capabilities. Building the frontline mindset and core capabilities required to thrive in an increasingly complex customer  environment.

  • Customer Technology

    Implementing and adopting new technology. Leveraging intuitive frontline technology to enable employees to navigate legacy data, infrastructure and constraints.

  • Execution Excellence

    Embedding and Continuous Improvement.Transitioning new ways of working into business-as-usual and building a culture of data and customer-driven optimisation.

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